On Home-Owning

It’s official. The Hansens are homeowners!

We had intended to save up and pay cash for our first home. We got quite a distance down the road, but the sudden jump in the housing market made us decide to jump, too. And now we’re fully responsible for .62 lovely wooded acres.

Our rocking chair front porch still needs a rocking chair. Or at least a porch swing.

Enter! On the left, you’ll see our dining room. Which doubles as a book and music room. You can never have too many of those.

The kitchen has a handy tile floor. Dark tile. Meaning that it hides schmutz with aplomb.

Every good kitchen sink needs a window. Sadly, our downstairs windows were all carefully caulked shut by the previous owner for purposes of energy efficiency. Replacement windows are high on the rapidly growing list of House Projects. (At least we can see good neighbors through our inoperable windows.)

Also, we now live in a home where the microwave is no longer three inches above my head. This is a Good Thing.

A handy bay window in the kitchen for our dueling Macs. Bay windows in both front rooms, as well.

Apparently, the bay windows ran out when the builder reached the living room in the back. But we’ll forgive him for the sake of the wood burning fireplace. Now if we can only survive the remaining four months of Georgia summer…

Come on upstairs. It’s worth it for the books. First time in my adult life I’ve been able to shelve every single book!

And last, but not least, our beautifully open, fenced back yard. Nina approves. She’s already terrorized the squirrels, and holds a regular stake out at the small hole into the next backyard where lives a most interesting coon hound.

Speaking of Nina, she’s not a fan of the hardwood floors downstairs. They provide a significant lack of traction, resulting in an animated running-in-place effect when she gets excited.

Apparently, we need rugs.

Apparently, we need a lot of things. We’ve been making Lowe’s and Ikea very happy.

And YOU will make us very happy should you choose to visit. We have a handy guest room. Nina has claimed it as her own, but we promise to de-fur it before your arrival.

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  1. Thanks for the update! Looks like you won’t need to landscape the back yard! 🙂

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