Dodge This One

We rarely watch television, but it’s Olympics season and we’ve had the tube turned on far more than usual.

Which means I’m actually watching enough commercials to be annoyed by them. I’m particularly adverse to this one for the Dodge Charger.

It exemplifies the worst in western views on manhood and relationships. If men dutifully endure henpecking and then bust out in supposedly-deserved immaturity when they can’t handle it any more…of course we’ll be a society of torn up marriages. No surprise there.

Your life is miserable, so you deserve a stuff-laden, mid-life crisis, by golly!

This morning I walked into the bathroom as Dave finished up shaving. “I shaved,” he said. “I got up at 6:30 to let the dog out. I put the toilet seat down. I like your Mom. I watched ice dancing with you last night. And I’m gonna drive the car I want to drive.”

“Really?” I inquired.

“The paid-off Honda Civic in our garage,” he affirmed.

I got a good deal on a husband.

2 thoughts on “Dodge This One”

  1. Haha, I’m with you on this. I saw this commercial the other day and was thankful my husband doesn’t have that kind of mindset, either.

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