sick, injured, and unemployed

A depressing heading, to say the least, but despite this less than enthusing trio, we’re doing quite well. I keep being reminded that people DO read this blog and appreciate updates, so this is a bit of a laundry list rather than anything particularly creative or crafted.

As for a): Both Dave and I have been victims of a nasty cold for the past week, and we’re only now beginning to see the end of the tunnel. Our “adventures” this week have been trips to Walmart for Sucrets and a late-night walk yesterday to the Rite-Aid for some handy Rite-Tussin. It is almost insulting when reveling in illness to have a dog who is rather sickeningly healthy and enthusiastic to get out and run.

b): Despite being sick, I’ve been determined to keep on top of my marathon training schedule. This may be partially responsible for the illness in and of itself as I did 13 miles in a downpour last week… Logical conclusions aside, I took a nasty trip on the sidewalk during my long run yesterday and ended up with scrapes and bruises all along my right side. I’m eternally grateful for bandaids, neosporin, and a sympathetic husband.

c): Since the funding sources that kept my job alive finally dried up, I’m working a part-time/as-needed basis at Art Within for September and October, with guaranteed salary during November to help with an Art Within Labs. After that, our movie funding kicks in – or doesn’t – and it’s time for Plan B, or C, or… We trust that God knows what He’s about. The extra time is allowing me to explore other writing possibilities and to finish up my script for Act Three. Cool Beans coffee shop down on the town square has become my new office. David and I also have a passion project script we’ve been tossing around for months and hope to start on soon. More on that later…

We didn’t know whether Georgia was a temporary blip or long term. And we still don’t know for certain. But we are so grateful for everything God has worked in our lives this past year, from our finances, to our marriage to our skill and craft as artists.

Oh, and we have an official spare room with an actual (well, futon) bed now, so come visit y’all…you hear?

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