Treasure in Jars of Clay…

So yeah – not into the whole American Idol thing. I think it’s just manufactured nonsense, creating a lot of halfway-talented new recording artists.

But this clip from the British version is about as cool as modern TV gets, and for a moment I withdraw my sneers. I actually get choked up watching this because something inherent in it speaks of a much deeper truth: that the world’s values, the things it esteems and holds high are revealed for what they are; that all the pop-culture lies are, at least for a short time, shown egregiously wanting.

Beyond that, you have to think: this is also how God works. For those of us reviled by the world and the influence of the enemy, we will someday shine unexpectedly when called out by name by the true Author of Life, by the original Great Voice, and displayed before all the world, to the Lord’s glory and the world’s shame.

One thought on “Treasure in Jars of Clay…”

  1. I’ve been singing “I Dreamed a Dream” for the past two weeks now. The little earworm makes me smile every time I notice it.

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