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To be honest, David and I haven’t really felt the economy crunching yet. Last year was our crazy year, and instead, this year has been relatively stable. But two things caught my attention this week.

I’m used to be on the gig finding side of it, but our business, Arclight, is hiring crew for a film shoot David’s doing up near Philly next month. We posted an online ad for five crew members, just hoping we could fill the roster.

The ad went up around midnight, and before I signed on the next morning, the resumes were already coming in. We’ve had well over 100 applications for a low-paying, three-day gig. I’m not even bothering to read the cover letters anymore. Either something jumps out at me, or the email gets deleted. It gives me a certain amount of sympathy for HR folks trying to pick through a flood of applications and and understanding of why good jobs usually come through personal connections.

At any rate, the economy is enough to make our small project highly attractive.

Another sign of current economic woes is, of course, the airlines’ desperate grab for income through other revenue sources than tickets. Namely: charging for checked baggage. I haven’t flown much in the past six months since they started implementing, but the results were all too predictable on my flights out to California last Thursday. In Atlanta, and again in Dallas, boarding was an excruciating process. Everyone is determined to carry on instead of checking, so the overhead bins fill up, and the line backs all the way up the jetway as passengers scavenge for bin space. In the end, a lot of carryon bags had to be checked anyway, through various logistical contortions, before everyone could settle in.

So, perhaps not the Great Depression. Merely, for the time being, the Inconveniencing Recession.

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