One of the things I most appreciate about my husband is his sense of adventure. Which doesn’t necessarily mean grand trips or scaling mountains. We adventure to the grocery store. We adventure to find the right light bulb for our weirdly-sized kitchen overhead. We adventure on the castle-esque playground at the nearby church.

But at the moment, we both have bigger adventures for March. David is finishing up his last day at his current job, and starts next week creating the new position of Marketing Director for AMTC. Tricky to explain just what said entity is, but you can check out the AMTC site. In a lot of ways, you might say that they are for actors and talent what Act One is for writers.

David created the “Be the Light” video on the home page, and they’ve been chasing him down to work for them every since.

And speaking of Act One, I discovered last week that I’ll be jaunting out to L.A. for several weeks next month for the start of an intensive mentorship program through Act One (where David and I originally met!). This round is called, appropriately, Act Three.

More on both ventures soon!

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