piggie hoggie

I transcribe this wonderful note verbatim from my Grandmother. (She would be the “J” – Janet. The “M” appears to be my Grandfather Morris, and the “H”, his sister, my Great Aunt Helena.)

“Several of the nieces of Helena and Morris have recently heard of the Famous Yoder Family Game known for 75 years as PIGGIE HOGGIE and they want to know how to play it. Helena still has the original home-made game and no other cards can carry the nostalgic thrilling excitement of their childhood! (I must admit I thought it sounded pretty stupid until I tried it and it is fun! — Aunt J.)

PIGGIE HOGGIE, played by 3 or more players

BOOK, a set of four cards with the same number on them.  Have one book for each player.

TOKEN, buttons or small objects.  Have one less than the number of players.

To Play:
MIX and deal four cards to each player. Place tokens in middle of the table equally accessible by each player.

OBJECT of the game:  Trade cards in hand, one or two at a time, with other players until you have a book. Then you may pick up a token.  When one token is removed all players are free to  grab another one and the player left without a token adds one letter of PIGGIE HOGGIE to his name on the score sheet.  The first person receiving all twelve letters is in disgrace!

To trade cards, each player offers a trade of one or two cards at any time to any other player.  This becomes a free-for-all so that the first player with a complete book tries to remove a token from the table without being noticed. (Maybe still asking for trades).  As each player grabs a token which is left one player is left without and gets a letter added to his score.

Morris thinks the one with the least letters is the winner.

Helena says, “No one wins!”

“A simple game made by simple people”  –M.

“The more the merrier”  –H.

May you all enjoy it as the original Yoder children did!–J”

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