Random Things

I was recently tagged on Facebook to write a post with 25 random things about myself. It was a fun brain dump. So here it is, reproduced on this page for those of you not in the Facebook loop.

1. I am an autumn fanatic. I can’t do without fall color, chilly days, and the scent of woodsmoke in the air. Winter is a close second, and it’s driving me batty to live without the expectation of snow any day, now that we’re in Georgia. (David and I keep threatening to pick up and move north every time the temperature goes over 60 in January.)

2. I’m an INFJ for those of you in the Myers-Briggs know. I used to be extremely introverted in high school and college, but have eased into better balance during my adult years.

3. If you want to know the absolute root core of what I believe, check out the lyrics to “In Christ Alone.” (http://www.gettymusic.com/lyrics.asp?id=88)

4. If it involves coffee or dark chocolate, I like it.

5. When my sister and I were young, we each chose an animal to be for the day on a regular basis and interacted as such.

6. We never had expensive toys, but we did have “The Things in the Box” – a cardboard container of My Little Ponies, bits of ribbon and lace, beads, doll furniture, various plastic animals, and so on that kept us occupied with elaborate worlds for hours on end.

7. My maiden name is Beachy, the original German spelling of which is Bitsche, with is pronounced…well, you figure it out.

8. My family (many generations back) emigrated from Switzerland, and I have never felt anywhere quite so at home as traveling through the Swiss Alps, hearing the tinkle of cow bells and the faint chimes of church bells across the family.

9. I was irrevocably a cat person until my dog-person husband managed to persuade me to allow a large black lab/chow mix into the family. Nina has turned me into a dog person.

10. I’ve run four half marathons and am contemplating whether a marathon should be on the horizon. Definitely NOT a spring or summer race in GA.

11. Though I’m now a screenwriter by profession, I grew up without a television, watching very few movies. I once excused myself from watching a movie in a 7th grade class so I could go read instead.

12. I met my husband during a 2002 writing workshop, but didn’t see or talk with him until four years later when he did a google search and contacted me through my blog.

13. My sister and I have a random tendency to start speaking in terrible fake British accents whenever we’re around each other.

14. I believe the only real specimen of Christmas tree is the cedar.

15. I grew up near Colonial Williamsburg and had a season pass there during my 6th grade year when I home schooled. I love to simply wander the streets and bask in an entirely different era.

16. I have moved literally every single year of my adult life, many of those moves to different states (6 total).

17. My grandparents (my dad’s parents) were missionaries in Haiti and later Ecuador while I was growing up. They were close friend with a Haitian family who had a daughter about my age also named Elizabeth. I always heard stories about the other “Little Elizabeth”.

18. I’ve really enjoyed cooking on a regular basis since getting married, but as my husband will tell you, I have an obsessive need to over-spice everything.

19. I am who I am, in large part, because of the incredible mentors God has placed in my life at key times.

20. My declared major when I started undergrad was premed to go into biotechnology.

21. I have perpetual paranoia that there’s something wrong with the car, especially on long road trips.

22. I am a Mac, not a PC.

23. I always feel immeasurably better after a good cry.

24. My mom required two hours of work in the garden every day during summers, but I will be utterly clueless about where to begin when I actually have room for my own garden.

25. I am the eldest of numerous grandchildren on both sides of the family. There are as of yet no great-grandchildren. Can you say pressure?

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