This month, I’ve been grappling with one screenplay during work hours and yet another in the evening. For the past two nights, I’ve been doing it in my sleep, too.

Seriously. In my dreams, I’ve been writing action lines and bits of dialogue, deleting and reworking to get the words just right. It’s all in the correct font, too.

Last night, I even dreamed the story first, and then sat down to base a screenplay on the preceding events. I can’t relate all the details to you at present, but there was a trip down to Ecuador involved, from whence I commuted one day per week by ship to a small country in Africa (Sengala, for the made up country on the show 24 – but even in my dream, I knew it was a false name and kept trying to google a map to figure out what it really was) to do missionary work.

Once the events of the dream concluded (with much fanfare and adventure), I began my toil of typing just the right action lines and beats to capture the story. There was much replotting and rewriting…and by the time I woke up, I was just plum wore out.

I need a vacation.

2 thoughts on “nightwords”

  1. Liz –

    I have had similar experiences writing computer programs! When I’m working way too much I write code all night long too, and wake up tired. I think this is why they invented books – to get your mind off work before you go to sleep.

    Good luck writing –

    – Rob

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