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For some reason, the browser took almost a full minute to pull up this site. This may indicate a certain amount of rustiness on the part of Caribou’s wi-fi – but also seems properly indicative of the state of my being when it comes to spilling some of my internal processes onto the page.

I’ve been wrangling a screenplay outline 8 hours a day for the past week at work, and drafting pages on another script during my off hours. But over the past few months, I’ve simply neglected the emails, the journaling, the blogging. And when I stop doing this, I usually stop paying attention to the actual moments that I might write about on the cusp of their happening. To the flashes of revelation or bits of beauty or seconds of pure frustration or joy.

So on that note, I plan to blog every day for the next week to jumpstart the reflective faculty. This is no new year’s resolution, and I can’t guarantee anything particularly interesting or perceptive – in the case that anyone is actually still reading this blog! Still, it may be a start. May be.

At present, I’m sitting in Caribou Coffee with a cup of java from Einstein Brothers next door. I feel slightly guilty about this and wrapped my hands around the label on the cup as I slipped from one shop to the other. But a) I used up my Caribou gift card, but still have cash on the Einstein Bros. card and b) as Einstein advertises, their coffee is “darn good”. However, Caribou wins hands down on atmosphere, what with the leather arm chairs and roaring (albeit gas) fireplace.

Speaking of discipline, I sincerely hope that God is not preparing us for a strong-willed child, though it may well happen, as David and I are both very quietly, but very firmly, stubborn. As our canine child, the enthusiastic black lab/chow mix Nina, hits adolescence, the chow is rearing is rearing its fuzzy ruff. Put simply, chows do not do what they do not wish to do – and unless you establish yourself as leader of the pack and consistently make them do it anyway…well the chow will rule. Thankfully, the lab ameliorates the worst of it, but there are daily battles of will when it comes to not pulling on the leash or poaching random items off the coffee table.

This practice better pay off when there’s a two-year-old in the house.

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