December Thanksgiving

I wonder what it says about me that I’m most likely to recall my need for thankfulness when it presents a handy opportunity for procrastination? I started this list back before Thanksgiving (while procrastinating on a script), and here we are, well on our way to Christmas. More scriptwriting fuel for procrastination. Still, a list that ought to be posted. I’m thankful for:

1. A God who is ineffably, ultimately, unequivocally in control.

2. A husband who makes me laugh when I sink into a serious sulk.

3. A crazy canine running partner who does back flips at 6:30 a.m. and can clear three feet of air when she spots a squirrel.

4. Rain on the skylights.

5. Getting paid to write stories.

6. A new manager who gives fantastic story notes.

7. Everything that can be done with one pumpkin (so far: puree, spiced and roasted seeds, pumpkin chocolate chip cookies, and pumpkin cheesecake).

8. A place to put all my family at Thanksgiving.

9. The north Georgia mountains in fall.

10. So many ways to keep in touch with far-flung friends…phone, email, Facebook…

11. Civil War museums.

12. A group of women who care about connecting at an authentic level.

13. Office Christmas parties.

14. Church League softball.

15. Google searches for script research (I have, within the last two days, found valuable information on psychiatric service dogs, the ingredients for peanut butter truffle cookies, and the origin of “mind your ps and qs”)

16. Pine and white light.

17. The smell of wood smoke.

18. Netflix.

19. An effective hot water heater (also, an electrically handy brother-in-law)

And so much more…

One thought on “December Thanksgiving”

  1. The ps and qs history is interesting, isn’t it? I believe the terms upper case and lower case come from the olden days of printing as well, assuming the printing origin is the one you found.

    Glad to hear the hot water flows on.

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