Mile 2

As to running, I finished the Silver Comet Half Marathon last weekend with my best time yet, just over two hours. Thanks to hill training and jogging with an ADHD dog for that extra burst of speed.

As to marriage, we officially hit one year two weeks ago! We celebrated this weekend with a trip up to Blairsville in the north Georgia mountains. We’re both fall-o-philes, and have missed autumn quite a bit here in the south. True, there’s some color, and it’s gotten chillier. But there’s no midwest blaze. North Georgia handed it over in bushels of color though. If we’d remembered to take our camera, I would show you right here. In fact, I’d also have take pictures of things like Booger Hollow Road and the Booger Hollow store – complete with the animated booger logo. Truly.

And I would upload picture of the ladybugs in these pixels right below. ‘Twas, apparently, the height of ladybug season. Our cabin was infested. A few are sweet. It’s not like having mosquitoes or roaches. But the beasties swarmed in around the double-bedroom doors from the deck in droves. There were literally hundreds of them crawling the ceiling, clinging to the drapes, skittering over the floor. After 45 minutes of trying to sweep them out (as they seethed back in), we finally gave up and shut off the room and retreated to the bed in the loft.

I will show you a photo from Brasstown Bald, though, through the resources of a handy google search. We headed up the highest peak in Georgia, which, while it’s no Rocky Mountain peak, tops out at nearly 5,000 ft. and gave us a breath-taking view of four states:

Next time, we’ll take the camera. Promise.

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  1. Liz! I didn’t know you got married! Congratulations and best wishes! You look adorable in your wedding pics. Love and blessings to you and Dave.

    Maureen O’G

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