the next generation

There have been been murmurings about “the next generation” since my sister was the first of the grandchildren to get married nearly five years ago. It’s definitely amped beyond a murmur since our wedding last year, so we’re pleased to announce what may be a temporary panacea. Yes, we know: very temporary.

On that note: meet Nina. If virtual tongue-baths were possible, you would be receiving one now.

3 thoughts on “the next generation”

  1. She is beautiful and looks very loving. Can’t wait to meet her.
    Liz, I am so totally in agreement with you on Sarah. I was so pumped when she was nominated, for every reason that I dislike Hiliary, I love Sarah. I could go on and on about her, but there is so much more that she brings to the table than the obvious, beauty, brains, etc. When she is elected we are going to learn so much about Alaska, as well we should, and also her husband is part Eskimo. How great is that.
    XO’s Mom-in-law

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