thank you, Cobb County, and other thoughts

Call it the BMV, the DMV, whatever other acronym you care to concoct – visits to governmental agencies to deal with documentation surrounding driving and vehicles conjure nightmares. Between state-hopping, name changes, and driving junkers that need frequent replacing, I’ve spent more than my fair share of time waiting in long lines, taking pointless multiple choice tests, making three trips back home to find the correct documents, and, of course, paying out ridiculous fees for each inch of the red tape.

When we discovered that we needed not only proof of residence, previous licenses, marriage license, and SSN – but our original, certified birth certificates, too! – to transfer our licenses to Georgia, we expected the worst. After pleading calls to our mothers (I felt like I was back in college) to track them down and send the proofs of our existence via registered mail, we finally had it all assembled and braced ourselves for the excruciating task ahead.

The entire process: licenses, title, tags, the works – took 20 minutes. That included two separate locations. With only a modest exchange of cash, to boot.

So: thank you, Cobb County, Georgia.

Oh…and we were able register as Georgia voters. Which is a darn good thing, since Sarah Palin’s entry into the race has finally got me excited about this election. I’ve been enthralled by Barack Obama’s charisma and historical run since last fall – but I disagree with the man across the board on the basic fundamentals. In Palin, I see a similar charisma – and a far more solid foundation. There are two main characteristics I want from someone in the White House: character, and intelligence. She carries both.

(On second thought, maybe we should have maintained our Ohio licenses for a little longer and voted absentee where it would have carried more weight!)

9 thoughts on “thank you, Cobb County, and other thoughts”

  1. I HATE that kind of run-around. I wrote about our DMV experience when we moved to Texas here.

    Not to get into a political debate or anything, but Palin scares the heck out of me! She might be intelligent, but some of her views (that creationism should be taught equally with evolution in schools and that global warming was not caused by humans) sure don’t show it, IMO. I’ll be voting for Obama.

    Hope things are good in Georgia! Missed you at Jenna’s wedding but I know how that goes.

  2. Each state seems to come up with its own method of complicating life!

    As for Palin, I find it fascinating how strong the reactions to her are – positive or negative. Almost like Hillary. Most people didn’t know who she was just over a week ago, and now everyone seems to feel strongly one way or the other…

  3. Um…since this looks like an opening to rant about politics…

    If I were voting only on the coolness factor, I’d go with Palin–nothing like a moose-shooting woman who gives political speeches while in labor, etc. Even the big-eared kid with the funny name has a hard time trumping that.

    McCain must be pretty confident that he’ll be sticking around for the next four years, though, since he totally disagrees with her on a lot of these issues–like global warming. I don’t think he’s too big on mixed drinks (church and state) either.

    But I’ll be sending him a dear John letter this November. On his own web page, he endorses cutting corporate taxes from 35% to 25%. This promotes his plan to balance the budget and make lives easier for regular Americans EXACTLY HOW? I know it’s supposed to be “trickle down economics”, but I think Mythbusters disproved THAT theory recently. (If not, they should be working on it.)

    Barack (“Big Government Tax and Spend Liberal”) Obama, on the other hand, has a plan to cut taxes for the lower 95% of tax payers. As he says, “Americans know how to pull themselves up by their bootstraps–they just don’t have any straps left in their boots right now.”

    Could it be that the Republican convention featured few concrete plans (just lots of liberal-bashing and media-bashing) because they want this election to be a referendum on culture, not on policy? Sarah Palin’s cultural appeal is huge.

  4. It will be interesting to see how, if elected, McCain lives up to the expectations associated with Palin. He would be the one, after all, making the decisions…

    See you Thanksgiving, when the election will be over and we can feed Kirsten lots of turkey to calm her. 😉

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