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I apologize for yet another jumbled update. But with so much changing, so many new things, sound bytes will have to do for now. “Bits” is a particularly useful word in our small family (originating with the “bits box” on road trips that holds things like extra batteries, various cords, Orbit gum, and the like), and while generally used for things, bits can apply handily to situations, emotions and such.

So, the following bits, in no particular order:

1. We love our cozy new home in the woods…but not so much the encroaching roaches, spider webs, and poke weed. David has unleashed effective campaigns against all three.

2. Though we’re in a fairly heavily populated area just north of Atlanta, there’s plenty of green (a lot of it rampant kudzu!) and a national park just 20 minutes away with a nice-sized mountain for climbing and plenty of trails. We’re in the thick of Civil War history ranging across the flanks of the Kennesaw Mountain Battlefield.

3. I like churches. I mean, of course, the people rather than the building…as it seems half of churches these days meet in schools and movie theatres, anyway. I’ve attended a variety of churches in my moves, and for the past few years, it’s been large churches — mostly 3,000 and up. Now, we’re visiting smaller churches, looking for a place where it’s easy to connect in and put down some roots. And since moving, we’re two for two on small, welcoming bits of the Body of Christ where we could happily fit in.

4. Catastrophe struck last week when David’s computer (with five years of business and personal work and software) fried. Thankfully, we’d been planning on a new computer, but though much of the material was backed up, some vital things may be beyond recovery. It’s a glorious day, though, since the official Apple box with the new machine arrived this afternoon and is sitting in the office, awaiting David’s return from the film set he’s been on all day.

5. There is a Trader Joe’s within blocks of the Art Within office. Also, a Caribou Coffee and a Starbucks. This is a very good thing.

6. Advanced Cutter is not effective against Georgia mosquitoes.

7. If I may take a moment and brag on my husband, check out his very cool portfolio here.

More bits to come…

One thought on “Marietta Bits”

  1. Hey Dave – nice portfolio! (Sorry to hear about your fried computer.)

    Trader Joe’s? Starbucks? Sweet!

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