As of June 29, Dave and Liz are:

1. Incredibly thankful for a beautiful home in Marietta, Georgia that landed in our laps through a series of “random” connections only God could have orchestrated. We drive down July 4 to see the house in person and sign the lease. We’ll have plenty of room, so come down and visit, ya’ll hear?

2. Packing madly and praying that everything fits in the 17′ moving van, because who wants to drive a 24′ van 500 miles if it can be avoided?

3. Pleased, as lovers of detail, to discover that it is 500 miles (to the tenth of a mile) door to door from out current home to our new home. (And both mere miles off Interstate 75, too!)

4. Biking every known trail in Montgomery County, Ohio. Helmets, yes. Spandex, no way.

5. Creating and rewriting far too many projects to keep track of. (Liz is currently working on five feature film rewrites at varying levels. This requires interesting mental gymnastics.)

6. Learning to make a mean mango smoothie.

One thought on “As of June 29, Dave and Liz are:”

  1. Mango smoothie??? I made one yesterday…don’t know if it was necessarily a “mean” one but it was pretty tasty. How’d you make yours?

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