Getting Lucky

Frankly, I don’t believe in luck.

I believe in a God who orchestrates all the details of my life down to who I run into at the grocery store and the fact that my car currently needs a brake job (while somehow still allowing room for my full freedom of choice).

At any rate, I’ve received a spate of calls and emails regarding writing jobs of late. It’s not luck, so to speak, but it does involve getting Lucky. While a number of these writing gigs have panned to nothing (as is common in the arts world!), I’ve landed my first real professional credit: a rewrite on a kids feature film that’s going into production this summer–titled “Lucky and Plumpton.”

Lucky is a kid whose life decidedly contradicts his name–until he discovers a magical recipe book with the personality and charm of a seemingly sweet Siamese kitty that’s up to no good. Plumpton…well, I’m still figuring him out.

I’ll be living with Lucky and his world for the next six weeks or so. And if I manage to draw him out well enough, you might just see him on the big screen.

Pray for my creativity and sanity.
Lucky & Plumpton

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