Striking Thoughts

The writers are striking!

As many of you know, film and television writers are one month into a rabid strike, trying to negotiate with the studios. Though I’m of the firm belief it’s one’s individual responsibility to make oneself valuable in order to be paid well, the writers have some valid points of concern: namely regarding payment for DVD sales and internet downloads. Still, all the squabbling and offers and counter-offers appear to be just so much smoke and mirrors.

I saw the strike coming from nearly a year out when the rumors began circulating last winter. But I assumed the whole thing would pass me by. Neither Dave nor I are WGA (Writer’s Guild of America) members as of yet. And I hardly see a picket line marching out from L.A. to stand between me and my Mac.

In spite of this, the strike has managed to worm its way into our business. I may not be Guild yet, but my manager can’t take any of my finished scripts to the studios. Art Within, the group I just finished a commissioned script for, is stuck sitting with the ninth draft on their laptops, unable to send it anywhere. Plus, Art Within can’t commission anything new, even though there’s some interest in an idea Dave and I have been hashing out together.

Oh, and then…there are rumors that this season of Lost may be canceled if the strike doesn’t resolve soon.


So, the strike must end. There are plenty of suggestions circulating on blogs and You Tube, but the best I’ve heard comes straight from The Ninja…

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  1. Regarding “Lost”…one of my friends, another faithful viewer, has told me that this season’s episodes have already been filmed and – at the rate we’re going – may be the only new, non-reality show on tv in February 🙂

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